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Protect and Style Your Hair for Summer

It's very important to protect your hair in summer, but it doesn't mean you can't do it with style!

Protect hair while swimming
Did you know that you protect your hair while swimming, if you take a shower first? The fact is: If your hair is already wet before jumping into the pool, they do not suck so hard with chlorine or salt water! Alternatively, you can put some conditioner or olive oil on your hair - and put it up for a casual updo!

Protect hair from the sun
Not only the skin, but also hair must be protected from the sun while bathing. The UV radiation attacks the natural protective film and the hair becomes dull and brittle. A great hat is efective and stylish, but you can also use a special sunscreen spray for hair. Important, if you are bathing in salt water: rinse the hair with fresh water under a beach shower, because the salt crystals act in the sun like small glasses and strain your hair additionally!

Protect hair from chlorine water
Chlorine water is of course a burden for all hair, but especially for dyed hair an additional challenge: Due to the bleaching chlorine, the coloration often fades faster and bleached hair can even get a greenish color! So either put on a swimming cap or care for the hair well before and after swimming: Apply a cream rinse as a protective layer on the hair and let dry, then spray with a hair conditioner after swimming.

Hair drying in the sun
For the perfect "I was bathing" look, you can best dry your hair in the sun. Especially when your hair is naturally curling when it's wet, there are cool beach waves without having to style them - and air dried hair looks gorgeous with the bikini! However, too much sun can dry out and damage the hair! So let it dry in the shade or under a sunshade in the air and give a little hair oil to the tips!