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Make a Christening Candle Yourself: That's How It Works

The baptismal candle has a great importance in baptism. Therefore, it's much better to make the Christening candle yourself and make it very personal. Find pretty ideas and instructions below.

The light of the candle is a symbol of Jesus Christ and his resurrection and goes back to the Bible, in which Jesus speaks: "I am the light of the world" (John 8:12). The baptism candle is lit not only at the baptism itself, but in some families on every birthday of the child. All the better if you give the Christening candle with an individual message and design it yourself.

Size and color

If you want to use the classic version, choose thin and long candles (40x4cm). Somewhat more modern are the thicker and shorter models (25x7cm, 25x5cm or 17x6cm). Of course you can also make candles yourself.
The size you choose depends on the intended decoration. So, already with the purchase of the candle blank you should have decided for certain wax motives.
Traditionally, a white Christening candle is used to symbolize purity. But even here, there are no strict rules. You can just as well use eggshell or ivory for your DIY candle. But even against light blue, pink or rainbow colors speaks nothing.

Step by step

Things you will need:
  • Candle
  • Colored wax sheets or decorative wax
  • Cutter for cutting
  • Long needle for positioning the stickers
  • Wax adhesive
  • Pendant, beads, wire, felt and ribbons for decoration
  • Wax colors for labeling
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  1. Creating templates: You can create templates with pencil and paper. The motives used is completely up to you. Typical for Christening candles are motifs such as crosses, angels, doves, water, life trees, goblets, alpha and omega, fish or rainbows.
  2. Cutting wax motif: Lay the DIY stencils on the wax sheets. With a pencil or a needle, you can position the wax plates properly. Then you will have to cut the motifs carefully with a cutter.
  3. Attach wax motif: The Christening candles can be placed on a pillow while decorating, so that the candle does not roll away. Whether cross, star or guardian angel - each wax motif can then be pressed to any position. Due to the warmth of your hand, the wax will stay on the candle.
  4. Decorating the candles: In addition to the child's first name, the date of Christening and meaningful symbols, you can attach pretty accessories. Thus, decorative elements can be attached to decorate with a wax adhesive. With wax colors you can write a personal baptism quote on the candle. But decorative stripes are also pretty on a Christening candle. Tip: for smaller letters, you can use a needle to write.

Inspiration for the project