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Headwear: This is How You Put Your Head Perfectly in Scene

It doesn't matter if it's as protection from the cold, the sun, or just for fashion reasons - sometimes you just can not leave the house without headwear. But it doesn't mean that you can not look stylish. I'll show you how to use berets, headscarves and hats.

Captain's caps: The blogger's favorite accessory
Captain's caps belong only to the high seas? Not correct! Because you can hardly avoid meeting at least one person on the street wearing this cap with pride. And rightly so, because these hats can be seen. Best of all, the Baker Boy Beanie - as it likes to be called - is a faithful companion throughout the year, whether it's winter blizzard or summer to protect from the sun.

Beret: Parisian flair
Très Chic! Not only the French fashionistas love this cap style, but it's now conquering the hearts of the girls all over the world. You can either put the beret on sideways or put it on the head in a classic way. We just love this classic hat!

Headscarves and bandanas: So you don't look like granny
Headscarves are no longer stale and something for our grandmother. You can even look really stylish with them. Whether as a turban, in Hollywood style or as a sweet bow in your hair - we'll show you how to wear the headscarf perfectly and thus draw all the attention to you.