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Wire Baskets - The Trendy Storage Option

Wire baskets are handy - even on the wall. I'll show you how to use this wiry all-rounder as a storage option.

Who doesn't know the famous decluttering, when you wonder where certain little things could finally find a place. Tools, toys, gadgets and a few other odds and ends are typical mess makers. But there's a simple and cool solution: wall-mounted wire baskets! Thanks to their coarse openness, you won't find them intursive and the installation is simple. I'll show you how the "wiry, practical, beautiful" principle works.

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The pretty little baskets hang in this closet on hooks below the white wall shelf. They are a special eye-catcher with the gold paint. Anyone who doesn't find them in the shops, can help with color spray from the hardware store. Best with a newspaper as a base and outdoors, so that toxic gases are not inhaled.

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Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or other areas of the house - storage space is always needed and often missed. Especially in rooms with an industrial look, shabby-chic or country-style, wall shelves made of wire look awesome.
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What you need for this project:

  • a great concept
  • wire baskets
  • suitable wall fixtures: screws with dowels or hooks (depending on basket weight and size)
  • drill
  • screwdriver
Cost: depending on basket size and shape about $10, handmade wire baskets can also cost around $100

Difficulty level: very easy

Here's how it works:

Wire baskets come in many shapes and sizes, with and without handles, in many styles, from a wide range of manufacturers.

Depending on the intended use, you should in particular worry about the suspension. So that you do not damage the wall at higher loads, you should consider in advance how many suspensions per metal basket are needed. Depending on the model and the suspension, the decorative helpers can be fixed to the wall with wall hooks, pin hooks or wall rails.

The type of attachment is also dependent on the wall texture. Therefore, screws and dowels should be selected appropriately. An alternative for prudent tenants and small baskets are hooks attached to Tesa Powerstrips - they can withstand up to a kilo of weight.
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