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Awesome Quiet Books for Your Little Ones

The most adorable quiet books, busy books and soft toys to keep children entertained in a quiet way.

Have you heard of quiet books? They’re typical cloth or felt interactive books filled with “quiet” activities to keep busy toddlers and preschoolers engaged, while helping the development of children's fine motor skills. On bus or train trips, during wedding ceremonies, or whenever silence is required, keep your child entertained with a colorful felt activity book. Quiet books are great projects to make for your own little ones or to give as gifts.

Dolls House Quiet Book

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The Dolls House Quiet Book is a quiet book pattern in the form of a dolls house. It is a compilation of Pinterest-inspired ideas that seem to be trending lately.

Fairy Door Quiet Book Sewing Pattern

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Quiet Books are the perfect thing for that sweet (and a bit rowdy) child who needs a little quiet time. This Fairy Door Quiet Book PDF sewing pattern is as fun to stitch up as it is to play with when you're done! This unique and original felt toy pattern has detailed, easy to follow instructions that guarantee that you will create a lovely finished product.

Crocodile Quiet Book Page

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Love this handsome Mr. Crocodile felt quiet book page with the top hat and bow tie!

Fairybook: Magic Forest

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It's so much fun to make a quiet book for your little one and so special to see your baby play with it and treasure it. The quiet book pages measure 22 x 22 cm. Find the small animals in this magic forest and visit the fairy and her owl in the tree! The frog wants to catch flies!

Fairybook: Fairy Babies

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Put the 3 little fairy babies in their cocoons or in the baby swing to give them a little honey! Make the flower puzzle and practice with buttons and velcro!

Fairybook: Waterfall

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This is an instant download pattern to make your own quiet book. You can download and print the pattern any time. The pattern also includes a tutorial with lots of photos and instructions of every step to make this quiet book page!

Snowman Busy Page

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This fun busy bag is a great addition to or starter bag for your child's own busy Book.It is a bag with the snowman body stitched onto the front. Comes with 4 faces, 8 arms, 6 hats and 5 scarves that can easily mix and match.

Personalized Quiet Book

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This smart learnig handmade quiet book is for children, especially for aged 3-6.

Hospitalbook: Elephant

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This elephant is not feeling well! In the cabinet you'll find different faces for the elephant so change them as much as you like! In the cabinet are also medicine bottles to cure your elephant. Find the right place for every bottle. Find the butterfly behind the curtain, explore the flaps on the elephant body and take a look inside the locker what this elephant likes to eat!