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12 Ways to Make Your Home Beautiful (III)

You like your home - but somehow you feel others' houses a bit more cozy than yours? Maybe they already know these 12 tricks...

Here's the last part of the series where I show you the best tips and tricks to change a few basics in your home, to create a whole new appearance.

9. Opposites attract

Contrasts create tension and attract attention. Only the combination of the different things, makes a special look - what fashion magazines teach us is also true for the interior. Mix up for example, new and old, dark and light, expensive and cheap - or simple with flashy as the neonpink stool in the kitchen.
10. Textiles create variety and coziness
A simple way to style your home is pillows, curtains and carpets. They not only bring warmth and cozyness in, you can easily replace them in a flash according to your desire, season and trends - or try out a wild pattern and color mix with them.

11. Order is the soul of everything

Because what good is the most beautiful design classic, the most colorful cushions and the most creative vase arrangement, when everything disappears under a mountain of trinkets. Keeping order is not always fun - but maybe it's just that with the others' is always more beautiful than your own home. So, throw away what is no longer needed, put the laundry right in the closet - or simply put the blanket on the couch after cuddling.

12. Fortune favors the brave

When it comes to setting up, with all the tips and tricks, there's one thing above all else: Be brave - and all of you yourself. Experiment, try out the unusual and follow your heart. Best of all, you can not go wrong. Because newly decorated, painted and furnished interiors always provide fresh inspiration. And that's what it's all about: you have to like your home.