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Bikini and Swimsuit Trends for Every Body Type

The summer is already in sight, a new bikini or swimsuit not yet? I'll show you which models are in demand now. Curtain up for bathing suits and bikinis for EVERY shape!

Aqua tones

Azure, light blue, turquoise, and petrol blue shine in the most beautiful facets - just like sea, lake and pool.
How to find the right model?
We love blue, because it suits all skin types: blue and turquoise harmonizes with pale skin. Light blue and mint also looks nice on olive skin. Bright blue is really great on plain colored pieces - or in a pattern mix with other aqua colors.
Style tip: A sweetheart neckline makes a small bust look bigger.

Tropical prints

Palm trees and exotic flowers bring us immediately into holiday mood and make the bathing outfit a gem.
How to find the right model?
Eye-catching prints on a dark background are figure-flattering, as they make the silhouette appear narrower. Bright variants emphasize the figure. Tropical patterns are the center of attention - small details like golden elements or subtle lacing are sufficient as an additional eye-catcher.
Style tip: Padded cups and underwires give a nice shape to a small bust.

Flounces and ruffles

Playful details on straps, on the 'décolletage and the hip area not only look magical, but also flatter the figure.
How to find the right model?
Flounces and ruffles provide more volume, so use it specifically where you want to have the figure feminine - around the breasts or on the butt. If they are combined with bold colors, it looks very modern. Even abstract or subtle patterns look casual.
Style tip: Long flowing flounces and vertical seams make waist look smaller.

Colorful stripes

Whether horizontal or vertical - colored lines are a cheerful classic, that helps you emphasize the silhouette.
How to find the right model?
Wide horizontal stripes are ideal to make the bust slightly feminine. Lacing and draping lend additional abundance.
Style tip: Vertical stripes are a figure flatterer in swimsuits, because they stretch.