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Beauty Trend: Monochromatic Make-up

This new make-up trend is currently super popular. I'll tell you what is behind it and how it is suitable for everyday use.

Monochrome stands for one color, which is the whole trick. Here, the eye make-up is adapted to the lips and cheeks. If everything is in the same hue, that works well and conjures us a pretty glow in the face. Of course, you should orientate yourself with the colors of your skin tone. I'll show you which monochromatic make-up best suits your type.

1. Peach

Peach-colored make-up is ideal for fair skin. It looks summerly fresh and can be applied in different tones.

2. Pink

A monochromatic make-up look in pink suits both lighter and darker skin. An eye shadow with a little glitter shine also looks great. From the soft pink everyday look to the pink evening appearance, there are no limits to your imagination.

3. Red

Red is the color for the brave. It can be exciting in the evening and not too intrusive with a darker tone. It is both suitable for very light and very dark skin, just great!

4. Bronze

Darker skin types can resort to a bronze allover make-up. That looks glamorous and still suitable for everyday use.


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