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12 Ways to Make Your Home Beautiful (I)

You like your home - but somehow you feel others' houses a bit more cozy than yours? Maybe they already know these 12 tricks...

This is not rocket science, rather the interplay of a little magic: even if you change only a few basics, it can change the whole appearance of your home. I'll show you the best tips to spice up your home, in a 3-part series.

1. Color likes to be repeated

Usually two or three tones dominate a room. The trick to maintain this color concept and yet give the room more momentum: pick up the tones in the decoration again and play with shades of color. This creates relationship between the objects in the room, everything seems to be made from the same material and yet alive.

2. Textiles create variety and coziness

A simple way to style your home is pillows, curtains and carpets. They not only bring warmth and cozyness in, you can easily replace them in a flash according to your desire, season and trends - or try out a wild pattern and color mix with them.

3. Odd quantities look better

A simple principle with great effect: Arrange three, five or seven things rather than creating sets of two or four. Odd quantities are more harmonious for the human eye than even. For example, put three vases grouped together and play - as here - also with size and shape differences.

4. Walls are there to decorate

And art is how you do it. Photographs, pictures of kids, paintings and posters - all these can be put on the wall. Pictures make a room a very personal place. Don't just hang the pictures randomly, but group the artworks to make a gallery wall! Uniform frames, a common color scheme or a theme combine the individual works into one stunning piece.