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Quick and Effective: 4 DIY Face Masks

Cucumbers, yogurt, tomatoes and honey are not just ingredients for a healthy meal. I'll show you how to prepare facial masks with common ingredients from your own kitchen in no time.

Instead of always relying on finished products, you should focus on natural ingredients in skin care. Homemade masks are especially pratical, because all the ingredients can easily be found in your kitchen. Now it's time to turn tomatoes, cucumbers and avocadoes into real beauty helpers.

Do-it-yourself face masks, how does it work?

If you want to start using the homemade alternative in terms of facial care, you should first test whether the ingredients cause skin intolerance. For this you can simply apply the mask on a small area and let it sit for a short time.
Once your homemade mask has been tested, you can generously apply it to the cleansed face. Leave for 10 minutes and then remove with a damp washcloth or a tissue. You can keep the leftover for about a day in the refrigerator. If you treat yourself with the luxury of a fresh batch once a week, you will be rewarded with smooth, soft skin.
I've put together four wonderful DIY face masks for you, which are for different skin types.

1. Avocado mask for supple skin

This avocado mask is the ideal SOS helper when your skin needs a quick fix. Especially in winter, the skin often suffers from a feeling of tightness, dryness and wrinkles. Avocado can prevent this, thanks to its circulation-promoting effect and moisturizing the face. After application, the skin feels soft and supple. So, read the instructions and get started!
Get a ripe avocado. Peel and crush. You can crush it with a fork, no need for a blender. Add a tablespoon of yogurt and mix. That's all, sou can immediately apply the paste to the face, neck and décolletage.

Avocado Oats Conditioning Mask

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2. Cucumber mask for freshness

Cucumber is a real miracle package of nutrients, vitamins and especially moisture. For this reason, it should not only land regularly on your plate, but also on your face - as a mask. What that brings? Thanks to vitamins A and C, the skin is stimulated and revitalized to form new cells. A tired and pale appearance turns into radiant freshness very quickly. Cucumbers are true all-rounders.
Cut a washed cucumber into small pieces and make a smooth puree. Now add some curd cheese or yoghurt so that it forms a homogeneous mass. Apply and relax.

Cucumber Soothing Cream Mask

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3. Tomato mask for a pure skin

Your skin has enough moisture, but you have impurities? A tomato face mask can help. The reason for this are the natural antioxidants of the bright red fruit. Therefore, the tomato can not only remove skin blemishes, but also smoothens the skin and even prevents the formation of small wrinkles.
Wash two tomatoes and cut them small. Now the use a blender to crush. Mix everything with a teaspoon of honey and a little curd cheese or yoghurt - et voila.

Carrot Tomato Face Cleanser and Mask

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4. Honey mask for extra care

Anyone who spends too much time sunbathing or in dry air, knows the problem: The skin is irritated and sensitive, and your usual care program is barely enough. The solution is a rich honey mask that provides your skin everything it needs. Together with the vitamin C content and the trace elements such as iron, honey ensures a balanced iron content of your skin and a healthy complexion at the same time. Ingredients like vitamin B1 or B2 give the skin a fresh look and a natural hydration.
Heat two tablespoons of honey a bit and mix with two tablespoons of cottage cheese or yoghurt and two teaspoons of olive oil. It's best to lie down after applying and protect your clothes with a towel.

Honey Heal Face Mask

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