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Tubing Mascara: Lasts Forever Without Sticking

We all know: In the morning we put on the mascara, eyelashes look full, nothing crumbles. But during the course of the day, the mascara crumbles and flakes after all, the eyes do not look so fresh anymore.

A new type of mascara now promises extra-long hold and doesn't clump. The magic word is "Tubing Mascara". This is not like usual mascara from oil and wax, but from polymers. The large molecules encase the eyelashes - without sticking or clumping - like a tube (hence the name "tube"). They can be recognized by the name "Acrylic Copolymer" under the listed ingredients. Incidentally, polymers also form the basis for fixatives or hairsprays - and they are known to last as well.

With Tubing Mascara, make-up is easy to remove

Stop using oily make-up remover that irritates the eyes. Because the new mascara (which has been on the market for some time, but now gets more and more attention) can be rubbed off with lukewarm water, since it contains no wax. In addition, it is hypoallergenic, so it's well tolerated by the eyes and doesn't trigger any allergies.

These are the best Tubing Mascaras for flake-free, smudge-proof lashes all day