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Beach Hairstyles: Cool Looks for Holiday & Outdoor

Summer, sun, beach - what could be cooler than diving in the sea or in the outdoor pool during the holidays? So that your hairstyle is still sitting flat, when your hair gets wet, we show you the most beautiful looks for swimming and chilling!

Beach hairstyles for swimming
Long, wet hair is great - at least when wearing a pretty bikini and cool sunglasses. So that your hairstyle after swimming looks at least as good as before, there are great looks and tips ...

Beach hairstyles for long hair
Even if you prefer to wear your long hair open, it's sometimes annoying when bathing: you sweat (even more) and they are in the way of swimming. For hygienic reasons, you should tie long hair for swimming, for example to a ponytail.

Beach hairstyles for short hair
With short hair, of course, you have much less trouble bathing than with long hair. A short haircut is even cooler if you add some wetgel or a shine spray on your hair!

Bathing hairstyles
Hairstyles with braids remain the No. 1 in summer, because they are not only practical, but look great for any bathing outfit! And if you are not a braiding master: even simple braids are cute and stylish to the bikini!

Fake bob for swimming
If you're wearing your hair on the beach or in the open-air pool, but don't want it to get wet while swimming, then why not make a cool fake bob! Simply turn the lengths loosely around your hand, turn inwards and attach them invisibly with a clamp or clip. If your hair is curly or very thick, you can divide it into two strands first.

Hippie hairstyle
A cute hippie hairstyle belongs to the beach look like ice and sunglasses, right?! Double braids with colorful ribbons look beautiful for summer dresses!

Hairstyles for hot days
Hairstyles for hot days have to endure a lot, especially when swimming - after all, when you get out of the water, you don't want to look like a drowned poodle! A braided hair ring should withstand any water battle ;)

Swimming hairstyles
Pool hairstyles should be uncomplicated and hold in the water - and of course look stylish! Perfect for this are braided hairstyles or a combination of open and plaited hair, like this cute forehead braid with a ponytail.

Quick hairstyle for long hair
Exactly the right look for the beach is this fast hairstyle for long hair: Simply twirl the top hair strand by strand and poke it at the back of the head.

Updo for swimming
With this extravagant updo for swimming, you're guaranteed to impress! In order for the artful arrangement to hold on splashing, you should fix it with lots of hairspray.