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Jewelry Box with Decoupage Technique

This jewelry box turned out really pretty! With a simple thing like a paper napkin, you can decorate almost anything to make it more personal.

You will need:

  • Wood mini chest of drawers
  • Patterned paper napkins
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint
  • Glass contour paint (optional)
  • Decoupage glue
  • Craft brushes
  • Brush container or bowl for glue


  1. Take all the drawers out. Paint the body of the chest and the drawers with acrylic paint. If you like the natural look, you can skip this step. Let them dry completely.
  2. Trim loosely around the designs on the napkin using scissors. Separate printed top layer and discard lower sheets.
  3. Coat a small area with a thin layer of glue using a small brush. Apply a cutout design, smooth with brush, then paint more decoupage glue over it. Let it dry. Repeat adding designs as desired.
  4. Decorate the edges with the contour paint, and apply additional motifs if you like.