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12 Ways to Make Your Home Beautiful (II)

You like your home - but somehow you feel others' houses a bit more cozy than yours? Maybe they already know these 12 tricks...

This is the second part of the series where I'll show you the best tips to spice up your home, changing only a few basics, to refresh the whole appearance of your home.

5. Memories deserve a place of honor

Whether holiday souvenirs, an old family heritage, wedding souvenirs or family photos - personal and favorite pieces have earned a place of honor. The beautiful memories and the positive feelings that are awakened at the sight should be placed prominently in the house - after all, it is your very own.

6. A room also needs a center

Not everything has to be pushed to the wall! For example, just pull the couch away from the wall or form a small island in the room. This can do wonders and give the room an optical center. A sofa or a low sideboard can also serve as a room divider to separate the room into different areas.

7. Investing is worthwhile

Furniture classics and furniture of well-known manufacturers have their price, but also their value. Most of the higher price is justified by a better quality - and such pieces have a resale value. Find out beyond the ubiquitous Eames chairs, discover treasures like this armchair by German designer Herbert Hirche from 1957 (Richard Lampert) or exciting young designers - the joy of such beautiful, individual pieces lasts a lifetime.

8. Books still matter in the digital age

Clothes make people - and books a home. Despite e-readers. Instead of storing them all over the house, stage them on a large bookcase in the living room or in the hallway. This looks impressive, tidy and gives the room a cozy atmosphere. Don't forget to leave gaps, arrange folios, sort books for colors or put a vase in between. This is how the book wall almost looks like a work of art.