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Setting Up a Balcony: Dreamlike Ideas for Your Oasis of Well-being

It's not just flowerpots that make a balcony. It is the details that make it an absolute feel-good lounge where you can relax or have a glass of wine with friends and family in the evening. I've put together special furnishing ideas, which can beautify your balcony without great expense and effort.

Even at home, holiday mood often arises in good weather. The balcony can be the absolute oasis of well-being, while eating with friends and family, but you can also simply relax alone. Here are some simple but effective design ideas that help you to set up your balcony. Transform it into a lounge that delights with refined decoration.

With its huge surface in XXL, the beanbag lounger offers plenty of space to relax and dream. Many models are rainproof and can stay out in any weather.

You can often find used wooden crates at the market or thrift shops. Cleaned, painted with white paint, stacked on top of one another and screwed together, they become cost-effective DIY furniture. Nice for garden tools and pretty pots.

Designer chairs always stand out. Use them on your balcony to sit comfortably in the summer sunshine.

Spice up every balcony chair immediately, and make them comfortable: Cushion covers in bright spring colors and delicate powder shades, which can also be mixed.

Bring summer to the balcony: plant some nice flowers and make DIY lanterns. So you're ready for the barbecue season!

Invitingly uncovered in an instant: do not place the table runner lengthwise, but place them under the plates instead of placemats. Decorate every plate with blossom branches. Tip: Put a vase on the table with color matching napkins to complete the picture.

Invite twittering guests: Put a pretty birdhouse in scene. You can also make it on your own, or buy a simple one and decorate yourself to suit your style. There's no limit to creativity!